Panoramic Aluminum Photo Mount In Three

image While the modern, frameless photo mounting at is unique in its own right, there are creative ways to take it to the next level.  One such project we did at Bumblejax involved splitting a panoramic shot into three images and then face mounting them to aluminum.  When you stand back from the wall, you really get a sense you’re there stepping inside the photograph.  You often hear "the photo just doesn’t do it justice!"  Well, in this case the panoramic photo gets closer to reality and the aluminum photo mount provides a long lasting durability and gallery quality look that would fit well into any decor.  Are you interested in a custom panoramic aluminum photo mount?  Give us a shout!


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Mount Your Photos On Aluminum

alumcrop There are many ways to display your memories through the digital photos you’ve taken on vacations, at weddings, birthdays, of first your born or of special events.  One popular way to display them is to mount your photos on aluminum which provides a beautiful, modern look.  It looks fantastic in areas where the decor is modern and brings out the life of the surroundings. 

There are two ways to do this.  One way that is less popular, but an interesting way to achieve a unique look is to print directly on the metal itself.  Some say you don’t get quite the vibrancy as you would printing on white paper, but it is incredibly durable, unique and will turn heads.  The other more popular way which still gives you a unique, modern look while bringing out the vibrancy of the colors is to flush mount the photo on the aluminum using a pressure sensitive technique.

At we flush mount your photo on aluminum in sizes up to 40×30 (for this larger size, a custom order is required) and is popular with photographers and artists for displaying in galleries and coffee shops. Hanging material is provided along with two wooden slats so you can hang it immediately and create a "floating" look. 

Mounting Your Digital Photos On Aluminum